In general, cucumber plants can either be vine-growing or the bush variety. This is important to note when making decisions about where to plant cucumbers. Plants with vines need ample space to grow and will start to “grab” neighboring plants and become invasive. Some gardeners use a trellis or similar support for vine-bearing cucumber plants. This isn’t necessary for the bush varieties which grow to form a dense mound of vegetation.

July 24, 2016
Cucumber Plant, Vine-Variety

In the Northeast United States, cucumber seeds can be started indoors several weeks before the final spring frost or planted directly outdoors a week or two after the last frost. A few seeds planted in a little mound of dirt can easily yield more than 50 cucumbers if growing conditions are favorable. Besides pickling, cucumbers can be dehydrated and frozen (not a personal preference for flavor or texture). This is important because yields tend to be high over a two to three week period. To prevent food waste, it’s best to either plant fewer seeds or stagger planting as long as maturation will occur prior to hot summer weather. Cucumbers need ample humidity and sunshine to grow.

©, November 28, 2017

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