FICC Transformation Project

October 19, 2017

The Freedom in Christ Church (FICC) of Schuylkill County is a “community-based church living by the power of the Holy Spirit, the three dimensional life of Jesus Christ consisting of UP (with Father God), IN (with brothers and sisters), and OUT (with a hurting World).” Founded by several members of another local church, the group had their first service on November 8, 2015. After meeting for almost a year at Bob Weaver’s car dealership in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, the church pursued an opportunity to purchase the former Catholic War Veterans building on 1850 First Avenue in Pottsville. With a firm trust in God to provide and a desire to remain debt-free, the church acquired the building without a loan on September 2, 2016, and continues to operate on free-will donations absent of solicitation, subsidies or fundraisers.

Before the first service could be held on Easter Sunday April 16, 2017, significant renovations needed to be done. Local contractors were hired to do specialized work, but a significant amount of the labor was completed by volunteers–not just members of the church. People came together as a community, connected through friendships or family ties, every Tuesday night for several months to renovate the building.

When daylight and weather conditions allowed, the weekly work crew spent time outside cleaning the rain gutters, trimming bushes and assessing the work that needed to be done to address several years of neglect. During one of these nights, my husband and I came to help. Since we completed a significant transformation on our own property and because the primary purpose of this web site and blogs are to capture transformation and inspire others to do the same, it was only natural for us, and subsequently me, to take a lead role in transforming the FICC landscape.

After more than a year of a seasonal work, the property has transformed and will continually improve each year as the church body grows with the same grace and beauty as the trees, flowers and shrubs outside.

©Tonya R. Hartman, October 19, 2017



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