Finding Room to Grow

What’s holding you back from fulfilling your purpose? Do you unconsciously reject wholeness? Have you lost hope?

I had to face the reality that my lifestyle was leading me down the same path of death by cancer that stole my mother’s joy and her life. I had to surrender my futile attempts to control everything and commit to a life of faith with a God I never really knew or understood.

When I started a garden, I began to see things grow in a new way. Flowers will eventually wilt to produce seeds for new growth. Deciduous trees lose their leaves and remain dormant for an entire season. They let go to grow.

To produce good fruit, an apple tree needs the right climate, location, soil preparation, fertilizer, pest control, pruning, and water. The well-being of the tree depends on all these elements working together in proper balance.

When a seed is planted, there is a confident expectation that something will grow. Without faith, planting a seed is meaningless.

Do you need to see things grow in a new way?

  • Let go.
  • Embrace well-being.
  • Have faith.







©, December 7, 2018



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