The Right Spot

I purchased this hosta from an online nursery six years ago. I planted it in area with several other perennial plants and complementary annuals. Each year, barely a tip of one leaf would sprout through the ground. I didn’t find this too surprising since hostas that have to be shipped are usually limited to one small section of plant; most local nurseries sell full-size plants in pots.

This year, I decided to put something else in the spot where this hosta was taking up space but not really growing. I moved it closer to the house with some other low-mounding perennials. To my surprise, the plant is more than ten times its normal size! In fact, it grew so much that I’ll probably divide it in the fall to make a cluster or row of new gorgeous bright green plants.

After seeing the exponential growth, I wondered how many people, including myself, make incorrect assumptions about personal growth. Do we think we just need a little more time where we are? Do we believe that not growing over a period of five years is normal?

While most of us probably don’t have an issue getting along with other people, at home or at work, do we really know how other people impact us? When we decide to work or live somewhere, do we think about how location will help or hurt us? Seeing how this plant’s growth exploded just by moving to a new location with other plants, even if it was only fifty feet away, made me realize that we all need to assess whether or not we are in the right spot (at the right time). Is it time for you to see things grow in a new way?

©, June 16, 2018

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