A Leader Changes Everything

The spruce trees we planted several years ago to create a living fence are in rapid growth stage. The branches are drooping under the weight of silvery green shoots that will soon become the next layer of protection for the birds who live and reproduce there.

Viewed independently, each tree has similar characteristics. The tree grows vertically and horizontally. The shades of green change as new growth matures. The branches are consistently spaced. The needles are stereotypical of evergreen trees.

But there is something noticeably different about the trees when they are viewed together. They have different leaders. A leader is a vertical stem that runs from the trunk of the tree to the tallest part of the tree. Where it goes, the tree follows.

If a leader is removed, the tree may continue to grow out but not up unless a new leader forms. In the worst case, the tree could die without a leader.
6_13_18 No Leader (1)If the leader grows faster than the rest of the tree, there is a huge gap between the base of the tree and top of the tree. 6_13_18 Fast Leader

If there are two leaders, the tree will grow in two different directions which could make the tree crooked or noticeably asymmetrical.
6_13_18 Double Leader

Ideally, the tree should have one distinguishable leader that grows at a similar pace as the rest of the tree.

So how does seeing a tree grow in a new way relate to you personally? Are you currently in the role of a leader? Are you noticeably absent, causing the rest of your followers to grow haphazardly, or worse, not grow at all? Are you way out ahead of everyone else without considering how that impacts your team’s growth? Are you trying to co-lead with someone else, making your team wonder which direction they should follow?

If you are currently a follower, are you trying to get through life without identifying what leads your life? Is your lack of established leadership keeping you from growing up? Has your personal growth slowed or stopped because the leader you’re trying to follow is out of reach? Are you being led in different directions because you can’t choose which leader to follow?

By seeing things grow in a new way, we can identify what’s impacting our own personal growth. A leader changes everything.

©Room2GrowGarden.com, June 13, 2018


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