Just Trying to Get There

Did you ever see where you were trying to go, but you just couldn’t get there? I can remember driving in pouring rain at night in Salt Lake City, Utah, wondering how many times I was going to make the same circle before I reached the tall hotel building downtown. I could see it from the highway, but I just couldn’t get there. After three attempts, I realized I typed the address incorrectly into my GPS.

Today, I was in another unfamiliar place, and when my GPS said to turn left in 800 feet, I thought it was the next intersection. After making the left turn, I was assured that my “destination is on the right.” I wasn’t trying to get to the local YMCA. I proceeded less than a block to the next intersection and took a right turn. I noticed a police car behind me. That made me a little nervous, so I took the next right turn, and that’s when the red and blue lights flashed across my rear-view mirror.

As I pulled into the only open parking space I could find, I noticed that cars on both sides of the street were all facing the opposite direction. I wasn’t sure if I was going to cry or vomit when the officer approached my window. I said, “please tell me this isn’t a one-way street.” He assured me it was, and he informed me that it wasn’t the first one-way street I traveled on in the wrong direction. I covered my face in shame and told him I was so sorry. He asked me where I was trying to go, and I explained I was looking for the Imaging Center. He showed me that it was less than a block down the street, but this was definitely not the way to get there.

After reviewing my documents, he came back to my car and told me to proceed down the one-way street and take the immediate left into the parking lot of the building. He wasn’t giving me a ticket–just a warning. I thanked him as though he saved my life, but I was so shaken that I had to remember how to drive. Was my turn signal on to pull out into the one-way street that I was driving on in the wrong direction? I was so flustered that, when I finally made it to the parking lot, I just sat there and cried. I have no idea why I was so emotional, but I kept asking myself, why didn’t I see the signs? How could I have possibly missed the warnings and gone down two different one-way streets TWICE?!?

It wasn’t until I got home early evening that I realized this was a simple way for God to speak to me. There are a lot of people who say there is no God or that He doesn’t speak to humans, but I respectfully disagree. He is there. He uses nature, words, events, other people, visions, or anything He knows will get our attention. I literally ran to my journal to write down what I heard:

“I know you’re desperately trying to get there. You are taking some wrong turns. But it’s OK because you’re not going to be punished for it. I have to stop you, sometimes, for your own safety (and others), but I will have mercy, and I will show you the way. Trust me!”

Less than an hour after I wrote this, I was sitting at a women’s event where the topics were: unearthing blockades to your purpose, impure and pure motives, fear, grief, and mistaken thinking. This was no coincidence. A lot of us are really trying to get there. Getting there could be healing from past abuse. It could be making a major career change. It could be restoring a damaged relationship. It could be getting out of debt. Whatever it is, we’re trying really hard, with the right motive, but we get scared when we take a wrong turn. We grieve over that mistake. And then we establish limiting beliefs that we will never find the way. What I can assure you from my experience today is that it is OK. Expect that you will take some wrong turns. You have to trust God to show you the way, and more importantly, show you mercy when you make a mistake with a pure motive. You will get there!

©Room2GrowGarden.com, June 6, 2018

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