Sustainable Convenience Food

If there’s one thing that keeps me motivated to have a garden, it’s the food! There is nothing quite like homegrown. And even though it takes a little more effort, there’s nothing quite like homemade. Taking advantage of last year’s sweet potato harvest, I spent a total of 30 seconds whipping up a breakfast that I enjoyed two days in a row.

Besides knowing where my food comes from and having complete control over the amount of added salt and sugar (none), I am happy not to have the additional waste or cost associated with purchasing premade food. Canning jars can be reused for years. The lids are very affordable, and they can be recycled. Note: some people reuse lids for canning. I typically do not due to the risk of food waste or the growth of dangerous bacteria. I do, however, use them with a ring when I just need to put a temporary lid on a jar in the refrigerator.

Growing sweet potatoes is as easy as using a homegrown potato (or store bought if you’re just getting started) and a tub or pot full of dirt if you don’t have a garden. For details, click here: Sweet Potatoes

6_24_17 Sprouting Sweet Potato Copyright

Sweet Potato Smoothie Recipe

  1. One pint of no salt no sugar sweet potatoes, drained (reserve the juice for homemade vegetable broth)
  2. Two cups of homemade no salt no sugar almond milk (instructions here: Almond Milk)
  3. Use a stick or standard blender and mix until smooth.

There is such a thing as sustainable convenience food, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, effort or expense. Grow something! Make something! Find room to grow with homemade and homegrown.

©, April 10, 2018



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