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I was intrigued by a recent post on Instagram from a popular ZeroWaste promoter. She wanted to debunk the myth that ZeroWaste is about “everything homemade.” She wrote a book that inspired people to change and start businesses to promote the lifestyle. She travels the world to have an impact beyond her immediate influence. Everything about her passion and her work would suggest she would embrace anything that promoted ZeroWaste living.

“All of this nonsense not only deters full-time individuals from considering waste-free living, it also creates the misconception that in order to get close to zero, one has to spend countless hours in the kitchen making homemade products….ZeroWaste becomes a lifestyle when you allow it to simplify your life, not complicate it.”

Instead of encouraging people not to be confused or misled by the different ways to lead a ZeroWaste lifestyle, the post pretty much condemns a certain way to do it and imposes a random standard of one ingredient for commonly used products.

From a for-profit world perspective, the post also limits this promoter’s market to a “busy full-time working class that views homemade as nonsense and anything with more than one ingredient wasteful” demographic. Prior to this post, I read and referenced her work, but since she has drawn a line in the sand as to who her audience should be, why should I keep her book on my reading list or follow her blog when the material is not suited for me and our values do not align?

In the end, I really hope the purpose of her controversial statements were nothing more than an attempt to ramp up social media engagement. There was no shortage of comments on the post, for sure! But what I really hope is that we can partner together for impactful social change and work towards common goals. Does it really matter if we have different levels of tolerance or different ways to achieve the same goals?

For more on this topic of uniting for social change, take a moment to read this related blog: Unite For Impactful Social Change.

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