Ebooks or Hardcopies?

If I had my choice, I would almost always choose an ebook over a hard copy. For me, reading is an investment, and I want the biggest return for that investment. So how do ebooks provide a better return?

1. Ebooks take up less physical space. I have purchased many books over the years, both digital and hard copy. The hard copies are taking up space on several shelves, space that could be used for something else (e.g. natural air pollution removers–plants). In order to clean, all of the books have to be moved and rearranged which is a waste of time. The digital versions only take up virtual space, so I can have a much bigger library without sacrificing valuable real estate or moving things around to clean.

2. Ebooks are easier to revisit and reference. I don’t invest hours of time reading purely for entertainment. I want to learn, remember, apply and share useful information. Kindle versions can be highlighted, show what other readers have highlighted and provide a summary of highlights on Goodreads (which can be linked to an Amazon account).

3. Ebooks require fewer natural resources. There is no need for paper and ink to publish an ebook. Hard copy books can easily find their way into the trash (but hopefully a recycling bin) once they reach a certain age while digital copies can be updated without having to physically reprint.

4. Ebooks travel well. As planes and mass transit become more crowded, bulky books become a significant inconvenience. Ebooks can travel in our mobile phones and small tablets unlike books that take up valuable space in overhead compartments, carry-on bags and briefcases.

5. Ebooks are much harder to damage and usually don’t impose late fees. Though you can’t deny the advantages of free hard copy loans from the local library, did you ever accidentally spill coffee on that library book loan? Did you ever forget to take a hard copy book back to the library only to find out you could have bought the ebook version with the fines incurred? Spilling coffee on a Kindle doesn’t destroy the ebook thanks to cloud storage. Virtual loans don’t usually impose fines; typically, an expired ebook simply cannot be accessed after the due date.

For reasons above, and many more, I prefer ebooks over hard copies with few exceptions. Ebooks take up less space, provide a more efficient means to share information, produce less waste, are more suited for mobility, less likely to be damaged and easier to return when borrowed.

Do you agree?

©Room2GrowGarden.com, March 1, 2018



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