Stop Struggling to Change Your Diet

Growing your own food can change the way you eat. With access to ample fresh nutritious food, consumption habits change naturally. Large salads full of color, texture and taste make the typical lunch-time sandwich boring and unattractive.

September 1, 2017
Spinach, fresh mozzarella, strawberry and walnut salad

Yellow and green squash sautéed in a little olive oil and topped with organic smoked paprika and some shredded Parmesan cheese is a no-brainer choice for dinner compared to a frozen box of highly processed macaroni and cheese in a plastic container that could wind up in the ocean.

September 6, 2017
Yellow Squash with Shredded Parmesan and Smoked Paprika

Fresh tomatoes–the kind that actually ripen on the plant in lieu of being gassed to turn red–are a viable substitute to a slab of protein that has to be killed and processed when paired with fresh mozzarella and homegrown basil. While some people struggle to change their diet, people who grow their own organic food can do it with ease.

September 22, 2016
Vine ripened grape tomatoes

©, December 23, 2017


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