No-Stress No-Mess Nutritious Holiday Appetizers

The largest Christmas party we attend during the holiday season is happening this afternoon. All of the attendees are advised what to bring a few weeks in advance. This year, we are responsible for “snacks.” In the past, we would’ve been rushing around and stressing about what we needed to buy and when.

This year, we finally got a little smarter! Some may argue that it’s easier to run to the store and pick up a bag of chips or pretzels. But why risk commuting in busy traffic and lousy weather conditions (depending on your location) when you can bring a unique nutritious homemade snack?

Because most of the work was done during the garden growing season, the task of preparing homemade appetizers was so easy today that there’s time to do a full hour of yoga, read a book (well, most of it anyway), meditate and write a blog or two. Talk about a stress-free holiday!

How did we do it? 

We drilled drainage holes into a pond tub, filled it with composted dirt, received the gift of a sprouted sweet potato to plant, and harvested several pounds a few months ago. The largest potatoes were washed, peeled, cubed and placed into jars. Adding only water, the jars were sealed with lids and processed in a pressure cooker at ten pounds for forty minutes. The potatoes stay fresh for at least a year but usually several years (if we don’t eat them before then). We also dehydrated one half bushel of locally grown apples and sprinkled them with cinnamon. If dried properly, the apples do not need to be peeled; the skin enhances the flavor.

To make the dip, we drained a can of homegrown sweet potatoes, added organic peanut butter (either powder mixed with water or premade), two tablespoons of organic cinnamon and one teaspoon of organic nutmeg. This can be mixed by hand in a minute or two. The “dip” gets placed in the middle of a recyclable dish and is surrounded with dehydrated cinnamon apples. This is a great no-sugar, relatively low salt alternative to “junk food.”

December 23, 2017
Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dip with Dehydrated Cinnamon Apple Chips

As an added bonus, we are bringing some of the hot peppers my sister grows in her garden. She cleans them, packs them into jars with garlic, spices, vinegar and olive oil. After 20 minutes in a water canner, these spicy hot treats she calls “Holla Peppers” are great to garnish salads, eat as an appetizer or pair with nutritious aged cheeses. Prep time: 15 seconds

©, December 23, 2017


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