FICC Transformation Project “MAD 2017 Children Volunteers”


These awesome children are displaying some artwork that will be placed into a bag with a tulip bulb and message of love. Under the direction of Tina Cali and Hannah Kreitzer (photo credit), FICC Children’s Ministry leaders, the kids were excited to be a part of a Make A Difference Day community outreach.

Over a year ago, on September 6, 2016, the FICC Transformation project started with bush trimming, retaining wall repair and planting. The project expanded to include a complete overhaul of the property immediately adjacent to the church building, but more importantly, to bring members of the church and community together to make a difference for hundreds of people and other organizations in the area (e.g. Schuylkill YMCA, Pottsville Area Little League, HOPE Initiative, and many more).

Because a lot of the work was more suited for adults, it was a joy to find ways for young children to participate. This weekend, adults and youth from the church will be distributing 17 bulb packages to the closest neighbors of the church to share a message that “Jesus can make a difference and help us grow.” These kids played an integral part in going above and beyond the original scope of the project and make a positive impact on the community.

©Tonya R. Hartman, November 3, 2017
2017 Summary (including 2016)
Individual Volunteer Hours to Date: 217.75 hours
Family Volunteer Hours to Date: 98.5 hours
Other Recorded Volunteer Hours: 72 hours
Mileage to Date: 1553 miles
Personal Donations: $3322.21
Unsolicited Donations (Product/Service): $4100


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