FICC Transformation Project October 5, 2016 “Grotto Removal”


To date, all of the work being done outside could be completed with minimal specialized equipment. The next big milestone was removal of the grotto that originally held a statue of the Virgin Mary. The statue had already been moved to another place, but the grotto, a large stone structure held together by massive amounts of concrete, needed to be demolished. This job could not be done without heavy industrial equipment. Fortunately, the Building Committee leader had the resources to complete the job, and the grotto was knocked down on October 5, 2016.

On a side note, the removal of the grotto was significant in more ways than just the work required to complete it. People from around the area had an annual tradition of coming to the former Catholic War Veterans building to visit the Virgin Mary, especially on major holidays. For this reason, several small pieces of the grotto were put aside so that people could take them home for nostalgic purposes. It was extremely important to be sensitive to the needs of the local community during the outdoor transformation.


©Tonya R. Hartman, October 27, 2017
Individual Volunteer Hours to Date: 21.5 hours
Family Volunteer Hours to Date: 11 hours
Mileage to Date: 176 miles
Donations: $67.36

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