FICC Transformation Project October 4, 2016 “Scope Creep”

Only days after the continuous improvement plan was issued the first scope creep occurred. It’s funny how priorities can be established (in writing) and change on a whim. Earlier in the day, I stopped by over the lunch hour to dump dirt, plant day lilies, move some river stones and clean up branches.

In the evening, volunteers gathered for a regularly scheduled work night to complete demolition on the interior of the building. While my husband worked inside, I worked outside to rototill the ground on the lower stone wall to establish a level surface for stone placement. When I was working outside, the Building Committee leader asked me to take a look at the property across the street from the building. He proceeded to show me large brush that had accumulated along the edge of the property (actually owned and maintained by PPL, Pennsylvania Power and Light). He said it would be good to clear that brush. With a confused look, I said, “do you mean right now?” The response was positive, and he proceeded to share that there was a plan to modify the lower property into a picnic area or an extended parking lot. Without hesitation, I grabbed some tools from my truck and started knocking down brush.

In hindsight, this additional activity should’ve been questioned. While the brush clearing was beneficial, it wasn’t part of the continuous improvement plan, it detracted from work already in progress, and the plans to modify the lower portion of the property were at least ten years in the future. By spring, all of the brush grew right back in anyway because nothing was done to prevent regrowth.

Lesson Learned: “Stick to the plan” unless circumstances require a major change in direction or execution. Politely reference the plan prior to committing resources to the work.


©Tonya R. Hartman, October 27, 2017
Individual Volunteer Hours to Date: 21.5 hours
Family Volunteer Hours to Date: 11 hours
Mileage to Date: 176 miles
Donations: $67.36



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