FICC Transformation Project October 2, 2016

It seemed like there was very little progress after a month of sporadic work, but this isn’t surprising considering it took almost an hour to pick up enough river stones on the lower bank to fill two five-gallon buckets. Additional work on Sunday, October 2, 2016, included dumping more dirt on the lower bank and removing large stones from the lower wall for replacement.

Though updating the landscape on the parking lot side of the building would’ve been a relatively simple project after the bush removal, it was impractical to make improvements while construction work was going on inside the building. Between dumpsters, scrap materials and miscellaneous debris, there was little to no hope of preparing the upper exterior of the building for spring. Likewise, the lower portion of the building, while not impacted by interior remodeling, was in desperate need of overhaul. To maintain focus and continue progress, it was best to “stick to the plan” and continue work in the grotto area, especially since it was so late in the season.


©Tonya R. Hartman, October 27, 2017
Individual Volunteer Hours to Date: 18.5 hours
Family Volunteer Hours to Date: 6 hours
Mileage to Date: 130 miles
Donations: $67.36

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