Home Grown Red Beets for Hummus

In the past, pickling has been my favorite way to prepare red beets (https://room2growgarden.com/2016/06/28/red-beets/). This year, I discovered how awesome this vegetable is on the grill, saut√©ed in a pan or to flavor hummus. Using leftover seeds from last year, I planted beets on April 20, 2017, and my first harvest was on July 4… Continue reading Home Grown Red Beets for Hummus

Yellow Squash (Summer Squash)

Plant Date: 5/21/17 Days to Harvest: 51 Harvest Range: July 11, 2017-“still producing” Plant Removal: 8/26/17 (one plant) Yield from one mound of about five seeds: 52 and counting   Yellow squash, sometimes referred to as summer squash, is easy to grow and typically provides high yields. It is considered a warm weather vegetable because¬†ground… Continue reading Yellow Squash (Summer Squash)

Revelation in the Garden

Yesterday, I had a vivid dream about a blind man walking down the sidewalk of a busy city street with a long cane. He stumbled and broke his cane. A man came up to help him, but this is where the dream ended.  Early this morning, as the sun rose, I saw the rest of… Continue reading Revelation in the Garden