Broccoli (Early Variety)

Though I’ve planted it several times according to the instructions in rich soil, I’ve never harvested a large broccoli head. Broccoli is known to produce one large head in the center of the plant and then several subsequent small shoots. As shown in the middle picture above, my plants don’t form that large initial head.… Continue reading Broccoli (Early Variety)

Pumpkin for Wheat-Free Dog Treats

The pumpkin seedlings are growing well after plenty of rain and warmer temperatures throughout the night. I planted a new type of pumpkin this year on May 21, 2017. The picture above was taken on June 1, 2017. I’m especially interested in the seeds to see if they are similar to the raw pumpkin seeds… Continue reading Pumpkin for Wheat-Free Dog Treats


These are the largest strawberries my small patch has ever produced. The plants are easy to grow and come back every year (perennial). Due to space constraints, I have only two varieties planted in three separate locations. The patch that produced the berries above is about three years old; it’s the Fort Laramie variety with… Continue reading Strawberries