Spring Lawn Food and Weed Control

Though I am adamant about having an organic garden, I am not opposed to using man-made fertilizers on my lawn. Many years ago, I tried applying compost and aerating more frequently, but nothing made the lawn as vibrant as specially formulated chemical compounds. There are many brands available, but I prefer Scott’s for the price… Continue reading Spring Lawn Food and Weed Control

Cold Weather Planting Day

Though there is still a danger of heavy frost up until mid-May in Northeastern Pennsylvania, there are several vegetables that can be planted while it’s still cold.  The first seeds to hit freshly tilled soil today were the peas. Immediately after covering the seeds, I put up the trellis to support the plants. This can… Continue reading Cold Weather Planting Day

Greenhouse Project

What started out as an organized box of chaos turned into a resemblance of a frame within four hours. The biggest initial time investment was cutting 4×4 pressure-treated wood for the base of the greenhouse. Before anything could be assembled, it took about 30 minutes to take all of the parts out of the box… Continue reading Greenhouse Project