Grape Tomatoes

On June 3, 2016, I planted Burpee “Sweetie” cherry tomato seeds, but they never grew. Of the four varieties I planted this year, this was the only type that did not grow. Fortunately, some seeds from last year’s grape tomato planting survived the cold winter and came up on their own. Normally, I clear my… Continue reading Grape Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes are usually the variety of choice for making tomato sauce and preserving via canning. In the past, I’ve had difficulty with Roma tomatoes because they tend to be more sensitive to disease and blight. Since my first garden in 2009, I have always planted tomatoes starting with seeds in lieu of plants. Typically,… Continue reading Roma Tomatoes


Parsley is very easy to grow, provides health benefits, and can be consumed alone, as a garnish, or as an ingredient in a wide variety of recipes. This year, I bought seeds for two common varieties–flat leaf and curly parsley. Some recipes specifically call out a certain variety, but I’ve commonly substituted one for the… Continue reading Parsley

Sweet Corn

Grilled Corn, Corn Relish, and Fresh Corn Relish Ingredients Sweet corn is a “warm-weather” vegetable and should be planted long after the last spring frost, preferably when the soil and weather are both warm. For the Northeast U.S., this is typically late May. I purchased far too many seeds for my own personal use in… Continue reading Sweet Corn